Connecting Cook County, Cook County’s Long Range Transportation Plan, was adopted on August 3, 2016 by the Cook County Board of Commissioners. It is the County’s first strategic transportation plan in over 75 years and was developed to guide where and how the County invests in transportation to more fully realize its opportunities to attract and retain businesses, people, capital, and talent. Five policy priorities were developed to shape the County’s transportation policies and capital improvement program: prioritize transit and other transportation alternatives; support the region’s role as North America’s freight capital; promote equal access to opportunities; maintain and modernize what already exists; and increase investments in transportation.

While Connecting Cook County has been adopted, the County’s work to realize the Plan and make the priorities a reality has only just begun. The Implementation tab highlights a range of activities such as current projects, the Cook County Freight Plan and Invest in Cook that demonstrate the County’s commitment to the Plan and interest in supporting transportation projects aligned with its five priorities.

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